Herbie &Jenny

Herbie and Jenny are great examples of God's grace, love and life changing power.  They are a young couple (both still in their twenties), but God has already used them to positively affect the lives of many of the youth in our community.  Herbie and Jenny's backgrounds are quite different in a lot of ways, but similar in others.  They come from  families which were at one time considered dysfunctional.

Herbie and Jenny are both graduates of the Milwaukee Victory Church Restoration Homes.  They testify that it was through the homes in which they received the revelation of Jesus Christ. Their lovely daughter Christiana and beautiful son Michael David also share in God's goodness and mercy. When asked how it feels  now Herbie replied, "I always wondered what this would be like, but now that I am married and have a son and daughter, it's a joy I can't describe. I'm always looking forward to the next wonderful experience."  Jenny's answer to the same question was "It's so much better to be married in the Lord because we both agree, and are moving in the same direction. With the new baby, life is a beautiful blessing."



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