What is a Restoration Home?

A Christian Restoration Home - a residential program where men, women and youth find a new life through the life changing message of Jesus Christ.

Our Christian Restoration Homes are not drug rehabilitation centers but rather a biblically based, total life restoration home.  Through a well orchestrated plan, we offer an alternative solution to those who have become captive to their own environment. 

What is our approach?

 We offer a new life and new hope through:

A personal spiritual experience with our Lord Jesus Christ.

Intensive Discipleship:

The first phase is from six to nine months.  During this time a person is set free from life controlling habits and taught Biblical principles and values along with disciplined work habits that will equip and sustain him/her as they become drug free, productive, law abiding Christian members of the community.

The second phase is from six to nine months and consists of the application of biblical principles in their daily walk and the development of leadership skills in the involvement of the church programs and activities.

The third phase:  At this point, they may seek employment, receive training in roofing, carpentry, body & fender, or automobile mechanics, further their education, or train for full time ministry work: preparation as missionaries, pastors and or team members to establish new Centers, Churches and Homes in the inner cities of America.

Our Staff

Our staff is not made up of professionals, but of men and women who were drug addicts, healed and set free by the power of Jesus Christ.  We have been there.  We know what it's like.  We know that drugs and alcohol are a "Part" of the problem  We are able to work one on one with an individual for as long as it takes until there is total restoration.

What is the Cost?

There is no charge.  We accept anyone in need of our services, at any time, without any financial charge.

Any success that we have experienced we attribute to our faith.  We believe in the Jesus of the Bible as a living Savior, a Jesus in the now, not a historical figure.  Faith in Jesus Christ and the Bible are "Priority" in our program structure.

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