My wife and I know first hand the pain and suffering of a family with drug addiction.  For you see, I was a heroin addict forPastor Delgado more than 20 years.  I thank God for my salvation and for the Restoration Homes.  It was here that I had a head on collision with Jesus Christ!  It was here that I was "discipled".  I was taught the word of God and the biblical principles that empowered me to live a drug free life and where I developed a relationship with Christ through prayer. This is where I learned to live a new life.  I could have died of AIDS or an overdose, but instead God gave me life.  As a result of my gratefulness, I have dedicated my life to God in service.  I now serve as Pastor of the Milwaukee Victory Church, alongside with my wife and children.

    I was born into a family of alcoholicsPastor Delgado in San Juan, Puerto Rico.  At 10 years of age I was injecting Bacardi into an orange and sipping on it while in school.  I began smoking marijuana and experimenting with other drugs.  By the time I was 12 years old I was HOOKED!  I had become a heroin addict.  I had turned to a life of crime to sustain my drug habit, stealing from my family and committing robberies.  I would get caught, and do time in prison.  I would always tell myself "when I get out, I'm not going to use anymore."  I would even stay clean for awhile.  But eventually I would end up right back into the lifestyle of drugs, criminal activities and back into prison.  I even became involved with gang violence, becoming leader of one of the most notorious gangs, the Latin Kings.

    A Judge had declared me Pastor Delgadoa "Habitual Criminal."  I had been in and out of prison four times!  By this time I had lost everything that was dear to me including my wife and children.  I had broken many promises.  I had come to the lowest point in my life.  Even my own mother closed the doors on me.  I ended up laying my head anywhere I could, abandoned cars, buildings, even drug houses.  Here I was 36 years old with no direction, no hope and no future.  I didn't like myself very much anymore.  I was tired of being tired!  I was desperate!  I hated myself and what I had become.  Until I made a decision that would change my life forever!

     My wife told me about a church that helped drug addicts.  She directed me to the Chicago Victory Church.  I walked several miles to get there.  I will never forget that night.  On Jan. 28, 1989, I had a life changing experience with Jesus Christ!  A "Miracle" had occurred!  I was set free from the hold the drugs  had on me.  God not only took away my drug habit, but he also healed me from AIDS!

    Today, I am a very grateful man.  God gave me a second chance in life.  He gave me back my family and wife.  He chose to give me an opportunity to be a good father and a husband.  He chose to make me into a man of honesty, responsibility and integrity.  I am living proof that anyone, anywhere, can change through the power of Jesus Christ!

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